Like a wineskine in the smoke


81 My soul languishes for Your salvation;
I wait for Your word.
82 My eyes fail with longing for Your word,
While I say, “When will You comfort me?”
83 Though I have become like a wineskin in the smoke,
I do not forget Your statutes.

Dry, cracked, worn-out.  Precious God, I feel like a wine-skin in the smoke.

The smoke is the hazy, uncertainty of living in this world.  There is no solid ground here.  You, O Lord, and Your Word are the only unfailing things down here upon this earth.  How can we ever thank You enough, Dearest God, for soothing our weary hearts and souls?  There are not enough words in any language to thank You for how You cleanse us with the washing of Your Living water.  Thank You for smoothing our rough, chapped and dried out days with the glory of Your Precious, comforting and Holy Word.  You are our everything God.  Thank You just for who You are.  Though I have become like a wineskin in the smoke, Your Word softens the cracks, soothes the rough places and always fills me with Hope.  I love You, God.  Thank You for Your inexhaustible, Beautiful, Godly Love.


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