by: Carole L. Haines

Tears are the water that softens the soil

into which God plants His Seed

And tears are salty

for they add flavor to everything they touch

Tears dry our skin, as they drip down

so we will reach out to God for His Healing Oil

And His oil pours down upon us and mingles

with the Tears to enrich This Good soil

The Seed awakens inside our souls

and through the loss, grief, struggle and pain

a Beautiful bloom will grow

Every bloom is as Unique

as the person shedding the Tears

Some are Dark and Lovely,

as a Rose or Lily grows

Others, Light and Fresh,

As Daisies dance, to and fro

Some Blooms are Strong and Wise

Such as Moonflowers in the Dark

Others, Gentle as a Whisper

Like Morning Glories, soon to Wither

So whatever the struggle you face right now

Whatever the Loss, Pain, or Grief

Just Remember that

Tears are the water that softens the soil

into which God plants His Seed.

You have taken account of my wanderings;

Put my tears in Your bottle.  Are they not in Your book? 

(Psalm 56:8)


Published by eloracseniah@gmail.com

Author and Creator of the HisShadowings.com series and books. You can find these at https://hisshadowings.com/ Be Blessed and encouraged in the Lord Jesus

One thought on “Tears

  1. Love, Love, Love the visual picture I get when I think of your description of “Tears – the water the softens the soil” When I first read it I thought it said “soul” but it is that – soil-soul., Blessings, Love ya lots, Mom



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