Be “The Wonderful”

DSCF2648Okay, so many of you have not seen my two older children, well here they are.  It’s an older picture of all three, but there you have it.  The Wonderful people I get to spend my life with.  Here is another Wonderful person:

DSCF2756He’s the one behind my “ham” of a daughter, My Precious Bruce.  I show you these pictures because, as I was dealing with some more “hard things” happening in our daily lives, I began to “rant” a little about how hard life is.  Let’s face it, Life is Struggle, it is hard, it can be wearying, just the daily-ness of it all.  But as I was coming down from the “rant,” which, by the way, is a fruitless endeavor that only makes a bigger mess of things that you have to deal with; I was reminded by God of something.  Everyone’s life is a struggle, some more than others, true, but no one gets through this life without a hassle.  And I was reminded by God of just how Wonderful My Fellow Strugglers are.  I have THEE most precious husband any woman could ever have.  I have three terrific kids, I mean, adult children.  I get to hold and cuddle babies and play with toddlers for my job.  I live in an old home, in a neighborhood that feels like a Retreat Center, deep in a lush, forested Valley.   I have so much to be thankful for, and my “rants” are a waste of time.

God challenged me, to Be The Wonderful Struggler for all of those around me who are struggling too.  To come alongside them and struggle with them, as He does with us.  We heard a Sermon recently, entitled, “When things don’t go according to plan.”  Ah, well, my life could be entitled, “Plan, what plan?”  My life has never been one where things went smoothly.  It seems to have been a “Series of Unfortunate Events,” to quote a famous book title; at least in the last 10 years.  But I have the absolute most Wonderful Fellow Strugglers walking alongside me in the midst of it all.  And I have a God who tells me that He will work all things together for the Good of those who Love Him and KNOW that they are called according to His purpose.  God promises that He will Accomplish all that concerns me.  So even though my life has felt very random and unplanned, it is not my plans that matter, but His.

So I challenge you today to Be The Wonderful,” in a fellow strugglers life.  Be that person that they think of, when life is just so hard, that brings a smile to their face and a sense of Gratitude.  When we choose to “Be The Wonderful,” for others, we find that we have many, many “Wonderful People,” coming into our daily lives, who are their for us through it all.  And we are O so thankful for them.

God Bless

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One thought on “Be “The Wonderful”

  1. Great to see our “struggles” put into perspective and the more years I spend on this earth the more I have looked back and see what lessons were learned during those struggles – as I know you have also., Blessings, Mom


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