I was banned from a Writer’s Site recently because my content is about God. All I write about is His love and kindness toward us, how He has transformed my very being by that love and grace. But I guess I’m not supposed to talk about that. I know I probably broke some rule in the terms and conditions  clause on the site, but who reads those all the way to the end. My Bad, but my point is not that I was banned,  it’s because it was for writing about God’s Love. Two people objected to me talking about God on the site, and I guess that was enough! I was warned not to post any more, but I did, because God’s love and Kindness toward me is something that I would love for every human being on the face of the earth to experience. If I don’t like somebody’s writing, I just don’t read them, but I don’t ban them. I understand banning “haters” who promote violence and prejudice, but to ban someone for writing about love, that is perplexing. In a world filled with such violent hate and its tragic consequences, I feel we need to talk about God’s love for us more than ever. So, sorry ________________ Writer’s Group for offending you with The Love of God, but if Love offends you, that is a sad state of affairs. Just a thought!

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